current treatment and prevention of covid 19.

In the USA there is only one approved drug, Remdesvir. Monoclonal antobodies such as bamlanivab are also being used.

there are many natural remedies and supportive care like Vitamin D and Zinc that are used to prevent  infection, and other claims for the use of azithromycin and antimalarial drugs, all of which are controversial to say the least.

RCE and Pharm RCE in Mexico will be conducting studies with Viralis, an Israeli natural remedy which has some interesting supporting data. ** ( insert link to viralis emails).

we believe there is room to use natural remedies , including CBD, Vitamins, immune boosters to curtail a long term effect and neutralize some of the infective potential,of COVID 19 .

We will be offering products , natural and approved alternatives through our website.

Hugo Romeu, M.D.